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Daddy said find something you like to do

My Dad said find something you like to do and find a way to make money at it and you will never have a job a day in your life.He was more right than I could have ever known because at a early age (5) our Elderly neighbor told my Dad that she watched me disassemble the lawnmower and put it back together and she was amazed it worked. This started me on a path toward becoming a Master Mechanic with all possible ASE Certifications and hence making a living doing something I love.As I grew older I grew to […]

Make $1000 a Week Online Without a website or a product of your own!

If you like binge watching Netfix as much as I do… And… want something for FREE that will actually help build your business … then keep reading 🙂 You have to admit that Netflix is awesome. I love puttingon my favorite show and sitting down for good bingesession while getting some work done, I like to think that one of the perks of the online marketinglifestyle is that you can do that while working. Let us be honest though , it usually ends up as more “binge watching” than “binge working”. Today, I have some great news for all Netflix […]