“As an entrepreneur who did not study business in college, Daymond on Demand acted as a catalyst to build a solid foundation for our company. It helped our team acquire the knowledge and fundamentals to successfully get our startup off the ground. We’re doing 7+ figures and are still growing at an exponential rate.”
“Recently I’ve had the pleasure of completing the Daymond On Demand Course. Your online mentorship has changed my business approach and propelled me into bigger (more lucrative) business ventures. You gave me the confidence to attack bigger goals and to keep grinding. It was like having a world-class business mentor right by my side the whole time.”
Founder, The Happy Company
“Daymond on Demand is a powerful tool for online education, and has a wide range of impressive in-depth courses. i highly recommend this training program, especially for business people, entrepreneurs and consultants as we all can benefit from it. I’m always grateful for Daymond and the other outstanding professional from the Daymond on Demand team!”
Co-Founder, Buko, LLC
“Daymond is filled with tremendous amounts of knowledge and can steer any entrepreneur in the right direction and help them succeed. After working with him for may years now as his lead manufacturing partner, I have been able to absorb valuable information from him. Having Daymond on Demand gives me access to that information 24/7 and it is a great tool to have in my arsenal as a business owner.”
“Daymond on Demand has managed to put valuable information into bite-sized pieces to keep me engaged and challenged, even with my busy schedule. Ten minutes of online mentorship with Daymond provides enough value for a whole week of business advice for my coaching practice!”
Real Estate Mogul, Co-Star of ABC’s Shark Tank
“Daymond is a phenomenal communicator and can tackle any complicated issue and cut to the chase. I love him for a lot of reasons, the most important being, he’s the real deal. Daymond should take full personal credit for everything he’s accomplished in life. With no advantages growing up, he ignored it and built his own confidence from the inside out, chasing his dream against all odds.”

Host of CNBC’s Mad Money, Best-Selling Author, Former Hedge Fund Manager

Host of CNBC’s Mad Money, Best-Selling Author, Former Hedge Fund Manager
“Perhaps one of the greatest rags to riches entrepreneurs in this country, Daymond John tells you how he built FUBU into one of the greatest, most successful brands in this country. Explaining how to brand and his mantra of item brand lifestyle, he puts you in a position to start the next FUBU. Selfless, determined, inventive, creative, Johns the real deal, the twenty-first century businessman who uses all of the new technologies, like Twitter and Facebook, to his advantage.”

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