Hello I am Stephen C Campbell, you may read more about my professional profile here https://www.linkedin.com/in/campbellstephenc/ – anyways; welcome to my Internet And Direct Marketing website. Here I will be making use of all of my Digital Marketing knowledge and experiences and putting them forth in Internet Marketing terms for the purpose of the reader to be put in a position to take the knowledge gained and themselves in turn earn some income from the internet.

This could be in the form of launching their own business on the internet in order to reach a wider range of people; this may include memberships sites, email marketing, podcasts, email marketing and bring clients through the marketing funnel from free down to high paying clients. This will be more in line my corporate marketing roots; however this endeavour will not be limited to this form of marketing on the internet – we will also cover affiliate marketing, selling information products, email marketing, video marketing and more – so stay tuned and feel free to get in touch via my LinkedIn page if you’d like to discuss anything further.