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$4,214 Per Month From Cheat Sheets

I love this and it’s very clever.. It works because it connects the marketer in question with his list and reinforces the ‘I care about my subscribers’ bond. It also makes him an extra four grand a month on top of his affiliate commissions, although not in the IM niche – he’s in the health, weight loss and running niches but I can’t see a reason it won’t transfer into any niche nicely. Here’s how it works. As well as selling his own products (one core product actually) in each niche he’s also an affiliate marketer. So he promotes multiple […]

Are You Still Trying To Compete? Maybe That’s Why You’re Not Getting Anywhere…

I think it was Dan Kennedy who coined the famous question that every marketer needs to ask themselves at least once in their career: “Why should I, your prospective customer,  choose to do business with you versus any and every other category available to me, including doing nothing at all?” Why you? Why should they choose to do business with YOU? (or ME for that matter) The answer, of course, is that you ideally need your customers to come to you, which means two things: ONE: Not trying to be everything to all people TWO: Becoming unique by going niche It’s […]

$14,500 a month by giving everything away except one thing!

One of my clients is ‘crushing it’ (as they say) with this method. I have to say I love this approach and it makes a hell of a lot more sense for this particular person than trying to sell $9 products So this chap realized very quickly that it’s a lot easier trying to sell one product priced at $1,000 than it is to sell 112 products priced at $9 to make that same $1,000 He’s dead right too – it is. The only snag is having the reputation and building up the trust of your list to ask for […]