How to Make money online with Google Adsense Program?

Start a blog and monetize it to make money online with Google Ad Sense

Make money online with Google is one of the biggest and deepest thinking of every Indian. Today everyone wants to make some money online at least Rs 10000/- to Rs 30000/- every month by doing small work.

Of course to those, Google has given a place to pay them with real money in return to show their talent and experience.

Through Google Ad Sense we can make that dream come true.

Let’s start with a simple blog, slowly and steadily working we can dig a deep potential in making money online.

Creating a blog is as simple as today because of the invention of much easy to use customizable software came, some for free, some for premium versions.

Free software such Word press, Joomla, Bootstrap we can create a stunning blog to express our ideas and thoughts.

All those methods are free to use and require no investment to start.

Starting a blog will get you a free job at work on your flexible time and day. Only required a small investment that too may be less than $10 was buying your own hosting and website to start with.

It is best to start from own website rather going for a free one because Google Ad Sense usually doesn’t give approval to sub-domains, that is Free Domains.

Main things need to know before starting to make money online:

Once you have all these things, probably you can start making money online from Rs 10000/- to Rs 30000/- every month without investment.

How does Ad Sense work?


Imagine, you are having a blog with niche “How to take care of Dogs at home” where you shared your own experience and some articles from your known circles.

Up to you are having 10 + articles, now you apply to Google Ad Sense, and once you get approved you will be provided with an Ad Sense account, where you can get Ad Codes and be placed in your blog.

Now Google Bot will crawl your website and took your contents and place some related advertisements such as Dog Sellers, Dog Food Sellers, Dog stores who were their prime online advertisers.

As you know, they are 100’s of Dog Sellers available worldwide and they need an online market.

What they do is, they simply go for Google and become a paid advertisers where their products can be marketed.

They pay huge money to advertise them online and Google will do all on their behalf.

They had your site and as I said earlier you are having related articles and with good visitors, so Google will place Ads on behalf of you on your website and market their products or services.

You will get money for every activity, including clicking the ad. Most income is through a number of unique clicks that Ad receives through your website, is directly proportional to your income.

Probably you will be paid between $0.01 to $1 per click depending on the country. If a US citizen clicked your AD, you will be paid $1 and if a click got from Indonesia you will be paid $0.001. We can’t predict how much we can earn?

You can earn thousands of dollars every month once your website grows with articles and also by terms of visitors.

Thousands of webmasters quit their daytime jobs to work for making money online as this going to be the future of income. There is nothing to lose here, however, I can say, Lose only what you can afford.


There is no need to invest a huge part of money in buying own hosting as because a large number of hosting companies are there on the internet, but I recommend only a few such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, Greengeeks.

Web hosting plan starts from $10 onwards and later you can enhance your hosting based on your income.


Same in this part also, there is no need to hire a designer and pay him huge money.

You don’t need to be an expert in web design as because numerous software’s are there to create a beautiful and stunning website for you.

You can use Word Press, Joomla, Bootstrap to create a blog at just a click of the mouse. Only thing necessary is Creativity what matters here?

Intention to make money online – you can work on Google anytime, anywhere, any place. You will never lose anything except time. Every time you will gain experience and more experience will give you success.

Anyhow, LAST BUT NOT LEAST, thinking of Making Money Online, start with Google for free now and start you financial free secure future. No more waiting for anyone, anything. Start Now.

Below are the steps you need to do:

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Finding the right niche focus for your audience is a top priority these days. If you want to create a successful blog, there are two things you’re going to need to think about.

The best way to prepare an answer to this question is to understand niche markets and how you are going to create content for your blog. As with all blog content, you should always have your audience in mind and give them a reason for visiting your site. This reason is also going to act as your ‘call to action’ and play a huge role in how your site makes money.

The concept of niche blogging and content creation is quite simple. Instead of going after a specific blog topic like “finance”, it would be much better to go after a niche specific topic such as “best credit cards for college students”. As you can see, the second choice is much more specific and anyone who is searching for content on that specific term knows exactly what they are looking for. As a blogger, this makes the process of not only creating content a lot easier but also promoting and monetizing your site content and audience as well.

With all of this in mind, today we are going to be looking at a few different niche markets which are great for monetization through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with either, I will give a quick overview on each. Google AdSense is the advertising program where Google places advertisements on your website based on the content you’ve written. Site owners then earn a commission every time these banner ads are clicked on. Affiliate marketing is the concept of getting paid a commission every time a new lead or sale is sent to a website or brand. The benefit of Google AdSense is that they do most of the advertising and work for you, and your job is to focus on your ad placements and getting more quality traffic to your site. The benefit of affiliate marketing is that you get to work with some of the biggest name brands in the world while also earning a commission on referred leads, yet never having to actually process an order or deal directly with the customer.

Both of these models are working extremely well for millions of websites and blogs on the internet today. I would highly recommend you try both of them out and see how your content and audience performs with each.

Six Profitable Niche Markets for Bloggers to Consider

Now that you have a better understanding of not only how to niche down the content and focus of your blog, but also the different ways to monetize it, now it’s time to give you a few more examples. Below you will find a list of six different niche markets that are great for making money with both Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Blogging Tutorials and Reference Guides

A great majority of blogs on the internet today are focused around the concept of learning how to do something or providing information to an audience that is looking for guidance on how to accomplish something. With this in mind, it’s also one of the best ways to monetize your content because you are actually showing your audience how to do something.

For example, if you wanted to show someone how to start a website or blog of their own you might refer them to a web hosting company where you will get paid a commission for each new sign up. Another example would be if you had a finance website and gave tips on how to improve your credit score, in this scenario it would make sense for you to promote a credit score affiliate program where you could earn a commission every time a new lead is sent to their website.

No matter what you are writing about on your website, the best way to monetize it is to always provide a problem and solution to your audience. Whenever possible try and find an affiliate program that blends right into the reference or tutorial you are giving away.

Service and Product Reviews

In addition to reference guides and tutorial blogs, there are plenty of shopping and review websites out there as well. Whenever someone goes to Google and searches for anything relating to reviews or online coupons, the person is already in buying mode and ready to take action. This is why there are so many ‘coupon’ sites on the internet today. They aren’t providing such information for free, they are actually generating revenue from all of the high-quality traffic and leads being sent to their coupon advertisers.

In this scenario, it would be best to join an affiliate program that is selling the actual product or service you are providing a review on. As mentioned, since the audience coming to your website is already in buying mode all they need to do is click on a button to head over to a website that is already trusted and complete their purchase. A perfect example of this would be if you were to join the Amazon affiliate program and write reviews on anything found on their website.

Politics & Entertainment

Political, entertainment, and celebrity gossip websites are getting a ton of traffic on the internet today. However, the majority of bloggers in this space aren’t going to be able to make money by promoting affiliate offers or trying to sell products on their website. The reason for this is that people are coming to their site simply to find information, look at photos, or just find out the latest news in the industry.

A better way to monetize such audiences on sites like this would be to use Google AdSense. Since Google can look at the content on your website and serve ads relevant to it, you are much more likely to get higher click-through rates and advertisers relevant to your traffic. At the same time, Google is also great for serving advertisements based off of remarketing. This is one of the best options to monetize and make money with a political or entertainment based website.

Health and Wellness

When it comes to health and wellness, there are billions of searches being made on Google every single day for such topics. Everyone wants to lose weight, look better, and stay healthy in the process. As you can imagine people are searching for pretty much anything in reference to their health or ways to stay healthy. Blogs in the cooking and online recipe space are also doing extremely well with the monetization of their content as well.

When it comes to the actual monetization of such content on your website you have a few different options. Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense will both work fine Space, as long as your content provides value and the call to actions make sense. A good example of this would be weight loss drinks, programs like Weight Watchers or even exercise equipment. Another option is to actually create an ebook or premium membership course that your audience can benefit from. This is more advanced and time-consuming, but will actually provide you with higher earnings in the process.

Wealth and Money

When it comes to wealth management and making more money, that’s something everyone is interested in. At the same time, millions of people are searching for different ways to not only make money online, but also to save money, or get out of debt in the process. Again, these types of searches are already in ‘action mode’, as they want to find a solution to their current situation.

If you have a blog that is focused on any of these areas, there will be an endless supply of high paying advertisers that want to get in front of this audience. Again Google AdSense and affiliate marketing are two of the best ways to monetize such traffic and audiences. Google AdSense will be great on providing high-quality advertisers that offer everything from debt consolidation to loans or even stock market and financial trading accounts. If you put in the time and effort to find affiliate programs relating to financial information on your website, you can find some great winners there as well. Some of the top paying affiliate programs are from big-name credit card companies that will pay you every time a new application is submitted through their website.

Personal Development

Whether it’s to get better at something in life or simply to do better in business, everyone is focused on personal development these days. This is something millions of people are actually searching for on a daily basis through Google, and you can really niche down on a specific focus if you know what direction you want you and your blog contents ago. A good example of this would be, “how to be a better public speaker”. Not only is this a good niche topic, it’s also something that has a lot of monetization options for through online courses, video tutorials, and coaching.

Depending on the type of content you create for your audience and how you would like them to take action once on your website, your monetization options might vary. In most cases, personal development websites find a lot of success when they are creating their own products or services to sell to an audience. Again, if you have a generic personal development website with lots of content that you aren’t sure how to monetize, Google AdSense will be a great option for starting out.

How to Pick which Topic is Best for You and Your Blog

If you are completely lost and have no idea what type of blog focus or content you want to create, you should spend some time to think about what you are passionate about. While this may seem silly, the last thing you want to do is start a website or blog on something you have no interest in. When this happens, most people lose interest and the blog moves on to failure.

If you want to start a website or blog simply to make money, than any of the niche markets above are a great place to start. However, don’t forget that you still need to niche down further from what we’ve done in the examples above. The more niche focus you and your content is, the more likely you are to find success not only financially but also in the search results and providing value to your audience.

For a complete breakdown of how to go from a generic topic like “basketball” to a very niche specific and profitable topic like “basketball jump training”, be sure to read through our make money blogging guide.

The Most Profitable Blogs Provide the Most Value

At the end of the day, there are now over a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, all of which are creating content that you are going to need to compete against. Only the best websites, with the best content, are going to compete and win the search engine an audience loyalty game. Always keep this in mind and also realize that you don’t need to have a blog with a ton of website content or pages to find success. A site with just five to ten pages of content can provide more than enough value and will also make it easier for you to promote the content as well. Keep this in mind when creating your site and always focus not just on content creation but also content promotion.

How to Start a Profitable and Niche Focused Blog in the Next 10 Minutes

Now that you’ve seen some of the best niche markets to create a blog and make money with, it’s time for you to take some action of your own. Starting a blog is extremely easy and it’s only going to take a few minutes of your time.

To get started, all you need is to think of a great domain name for your website. Once you have this, you can then move along with the process and set up your web hosting. We recommend doing this with Bluehost, who is one of the top web hosting solutions on the internet today and is also recommended by WordPress.

Not only does Bluehost power more than two million websites and domains on the internet today, they also run a great majority of our own websites. When you create a new hosting account with Bluehost, you will receive 60% off their web hosting plans and a free domain name — all of this is possible due to our relationship with Bluehost and that they would like to offer our audience an exclusive offer you won’t find elsewhere.

To get started with the process simply click the image below.

To learn more about the blog setup and content creation process, be sure to visit our main page tutorial at

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Amazon Associates is one of
the most popular affiliate marketing programs for bloggers, online marketers,
and affiliate marketers to promote over a million products and get paid
commission up to 10% on certain product categories.

This blog post encapsulates each and everything you need to know to make money on Amazon in 2019.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert at affiliate marketing or you’re just starting out.

I’m going to crack open the whole Amazon affiliate marketing concept for you so that you could start off your affiliate marketing journey with Amazon Associates right away.

Before swooping in and
discussing the essentials of the program, I’d like to take a few seconds to
explain what affiliate marketing is. A lot of you might not be aware of this
money-making method so let me explain it to you.

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a monetization method in which you promote a product or service to earn a commission on the sales. The commission, however, varies from the product to product depending upon the affiliate program you’re signed up for.

So pay close attention to
reading the terms and conditions before start promoting a product through an
affiliate program. You’ll learn more details about the affiliate marketing so
keep reading.

Are you interested in the following things?

  • The secret of
    winning at affiliate marketing
  • Steps that are
    needed for starting affiliate marketing
  • How to
    effectively utilize the Amazon Associates Program
  • Which type of
    products you should choose to promote
  • How to increase
    your affiliate sales
  • How to promote an
    affiliate product

If YES, then grab a cup of coffee because I’m all set to begin my spiel. I’m not sure what you know about me but I’ve done quite well in the field of affiliate marketing.

Plus, I hosted multiple paid training sessions and taught affiliate marketing to many newbie bloggers.

Before we dive in and make
the most of this opportunity, I’d like to highlight some basics of affiliate
marketing that will help you make money with affiliate marketing along the way.

Here are four key elements of
affiliate marketing:

1. Personal Experience

Whenever an affiliate marketer uses the product or service first and then promotes it, it always adds the personal experience to the campaign.

If you’ve tested the product and you liked it, it translates in your confidence on the product you’re promoting. In fact, it does make a difference in the conversion rate.

The reason is that the audience likes to take help from your experience and if like the product, they’re likely to go ahead and try out too. So don’t ever underestimate the power of testing the product before promoting it; your personal experience will glorify your affiliate marketing strategy.

2. Relevance

The relevance refers to the compatibility of the product with the audience. Not only does it influence the conversion rate, but it also strengthens the trust of the audience on the affiliate marketer.

If you understand your audience and promote a product that makes their life or work easier, it would positively impact your affiliate marketing success.

The better you understand your audience, the higher the chance of gaining compatibility.

3. Easiness

You should make sure that you’re making it easier for the audience to use the product or service. The best way is by writing a tutorial-based blog post or make a YouTube video to help guide the audience.

For example, I made this video a couple of years ago to help my audience. Moreover, I’ve made a handful of videos on YouTube to help guide the audience.

4. Affordability

It’s not just about the benefits a product or service brings to the table; you should also analyze whether or not your audience is able to pay for the product or service you’re promoting.

The affordability of the affiliate product is a huge success signal. If the product is affordable for the majority of the audience, they’ll likely to try it out or pay more attention to it.

So always analyze the price-factor too while choosing the product you’re trying to promote.

Let’s transition into the
most important part of this blog post and find out the steps to make money from
Amazon affiliate program:

5 Steps to Make Money from Amazon Associates in 2019:

1. Sign up for the Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s affiliate program that allows affiliate marketers to promote millions of products across multiple categories. The variety of products makes it easier for bloggers to pick up products that suit their blog niche.

Amazon is one of the top online marketplaces to sell goods online. Therefore, it has the capacity to accommodate various types of affiliate marketers.

The commission rate starts
from 1% and goes up to 10% on certain categories. It’s essential to look at the
commission rates before getting started with their affiliate program.
Furthermore, there are numerous things that would require your attention once
you finish off the sign-up process. 

So you’d have to create your
Amazon account to get started with the Amazon Associates Program. It may not
take much longer to get it done. Just like any other account’s sign up
procedure, you’d have to put your details such as name, email address, and
password to get started.

However, you’d be required to
select your payment method as well as provide tax information. It only takes a
couple of minutes to complete those forms.

Once the Amazon Associates account has been set up, it shows that you moved the needle.

Now, the challenge is to do something about it. Remember that getting into Amazon’s affiliate program isn’t your target, but utilizing it to make money in 2019 is. So pay attention to the actionable advice that you’re reading right now.

6 Essentials of Setting up
Your Amazon Associates Account

  1. Primary Email Address: It’s important to use an active email address as your
    primary email address because you don’t want to miss out on anything important
    regarding your affiliate program.
  • Correct Mailing Address: A correct mailing address is also necessary, in
    case, you receive payments via check or Amazon wants to send you a seasonal
    greeting or a letter.
  • Payment Method:
    Choosing the appropriate payment method would ensure that you get paid at the
    right time. A lot of starters don’t choose their payment method but expect to
    get paid the money they made via affiliate marketing.
  • Website Information: Most of the affiliate programs would want to know about your website
    or blog to find out where you’d be promoting the products as an affiliate
    marketer. So you’ll be better off if you mention the website information during
    the sign-up process.
  • Contact Details:
    Make sure that your contact details such as email address and phone number are
    correct. It does help Amazon to keep your account secured from any unusual
  • Tax Information:
    There isn’t anything complicated about tax information. Fill up the form
    depending upon your nationality; if you’re a U.S. citizen, choose that,
    otherwise, select the non-US options throughout.

Once the account has been
done, the next part is integral to making money off of the Amazon Associates

2. Choose Products to Promote

At step two, you have to choose the products that you want to promote. This perhaps would be the most critical part of the plan. Choosing the right product is crucial to affiliate marketing success.

Amazon Associates is no different. You’d have to choose the products that go parallel with your content and ultimately help your audience get through.

When it comes to Amazon Associates, there are hundreds of thousands of products on Amazon that you can promote. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that every type of product would give you a sizeable commission.

So I’d like to shed some light on the commission rates to put things in perspective. Here are the commission rates of Amazon Associates program for certain categories:

If you’ve been following my blog for quite some time now, then you’d already know that I pay close attention to promoting products that I personally like and find it useful along the way.

Moreover, affiliate marketing has been the most successful blog monetization strategy for me. Therefore, I’m going to give you some good piece of advice that I learned over the past few years.

It’ll help you choose the right products to promote through the Amazon Associates program.

While choosing the products, make sure, you aren’t neglecting the following things:

1. Area of Interest

When you know about something you’re talking about, it does help the process. So try to infuse your area of interest in your blogging, especially in affiliate marketing to make the audience feel calm and relaxed.

Because when you know about the thing you’re talking about, you sound authoritative. So don’t underestimate your area of interest in choosing the category or product for affiliate marketing.

You can check the Amazon Best Sellers category and pick the right products to promote.

2. Blogging Niche

It’s easy to get carried away while choosing the products to promote. For instance, if there is a huge discount on a specific product regardless of your niche and you buy it, and later on, start promoting it, then it won’t be okay.

The reason is that the product doesn’t fall into your blogging niche, then it won’t work out as far as conversion is concerned, at least, in most cases. So always stick to your niche while choosing the products to promote.

Here is a simple Amazon niche site ranking at #1 in Google for the keyword “best adjustable dumbbells.”

3. Products Pricing

One of the major elements of choosing the products to promote is the compatibility of your audience and product pricing. You may be able to afford it, but the majority of your audience might not.

So you should be aware of your audience’s purchasing power before promoting a product to them, which is why the product pricing does matter in this regard.

4. Audience Type

When you understand your audience, it becomes easier for you to decide whether or not this product is suitable for them. It eventually helps you in choosing the right kind of product to promote.

For example, if your readership is from your own country and the product you’re trying to promote doesn’t even available for your country, then it creates a gap which hurts the conversion rate.

So get to know your audience; it’ll impact your affiliate marketing earning.

When I talk about selecting a
suitable product for promoting, I could surely give you an example of

If you follow my email
newsletter, you’d already know that I switched from Aweber
to ConvertKit. And, I take pride in promoting ConvertKit. There might be
many reasons why I promote this specific product, but one of them is that I
talk about building an email list all the time. 

Here’s a snippet from my
recent newsletter:

The point I’m trying to make is that choose products that matter to you because you’re using them or you’ve used them in the past. And, you know those products inside out. The right selection of product determines the success of your affiliate marketing campaign to some degree.

Sometimes, you’re doing everything such as content, promotion, social media, and advertising, but the conversion isn’t satisfactory. The reason could be the wrong products.

So all I have been doing in this step is trying to connect the dots to help guide you on selecting the relevant, affordable, and better products to promote. 

Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you’re choosing an affiliate product from Amazon Associates or any other program, all these things that are mentioned in this point still matter.

4. Do the Keyword Research

We are going to use SEMRush to do the keyword research.

I am taking the example of above site targeting “best adjustable dumbbells.”

It’s ranking for 2100 keywords and the growth graph is impressive.

By digging deep into the keywords, I could see the top ranking keywords of this article.

You can create a list of keywords which are having a decent search volume and create your content marketing plan.

3. Develop Your Marketing Plan

It’s essential for making money from Amazon Associates that you have a marketing plan to execute. There is no rocket science involved in developing a marketing plan. It doesn’t necessarily mean to run Facebook ads or Google ads to get traffic.

Rather, you could use the opportunities available at your disposal. Although there is nothing wrong with running ads of any kind to grow your blog unless you’re violating the terms and conditions of your affiliate program.

Some affiliate programs restrict
marketers from using specific keywords and brand names in online

A marketing plan refers to
everything you need to do in your power to attract, engage, and convert people
into buyers. There is a fine line between delivering the value and selling
products at any cost. Being an affiliate marketer, I have always been
transparent with my blog audience regarding the products I use and promote.

Take a look at these examples:

You might notice that I often talk about the products on my blog. The interesting part is that I write those blog posts based on my personal experience.

I don’t hop on just to make money, but instead, I take my time to use them and then I talk about them. The reason is that personal experience and transparency are the essentials of affiliate marketing.

Here are two screenshots from
my product reviews on BloggingCage:

Take a look at this one too:

So once you know certain
basics of affiliate marketing, you’d be able to make better decisions along the
way. Here are some necessary steps you should take to develop a marketing plan
to make money from Amazon Associates program:

1. Write Reviews on Your Blog

One of the pillars of your marketing plan for making money from Amazon Associates could be the blog reviews.

You may not want to write 60 reviews of the products that pay $1 to $5 in commission. So it’s necessary to choose the products wisely and come up with the product reviews that matter.

Once you’ve experienced the product, it becomes easier to portray, describe, and educate people on that product. You’ll be better off if you put only those products under the spotlight that you’ve tested and liked.

Go on with a few review blog posts that you could further use in your content or in social media. Here’s my guide to reviewing products.

2. Create Niche Sites

If you’re new to this blogosphere, chances are, you never heard of niche sites. So I’d help you out.

Niche sites are topic or keyword-oriented sites that are dedicated to a certain area. Meaning, all of the content on those sites revolves around that specific keyword or topic.

Here is an example of one site.

Such sites could be extremely popular among affiliate marketers because they create those sites to earn commission from promoting the specific products.

If you are joining Amazon Associates, you can’t roll out the massive opportunity of making money from niche sites.

It may look harder than running a normal blog; you may not get early success in this, but once things start to work out, you’ll be stunned to see the impact. Read this blog post on finding niche site ideas.

3. Use Social Media

A lot of people don’t have blogs or websites because they aren’t interested in creating ones so they go with social media accounts, for example, Twitter accounts or Facebook pages.

If you have one of those things, you can certainly choose the relevant products and promote them from time to time.

4. Start YouTube Channels

YouTube is crucial to your online marketing because not only just it provides you with an avenue to upload long-form video content, but it also has the attention of the audience.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the web.

So create videos, discuss products, and help out the audience regarding your niche.

Once in a while, try to inject the products through your mentions and links in the description to promote the products from Amazon to get things going.

Your marketing plan may consist of various strategies; creating content on various platforms should be among the top ones.

Remember one thing while promoting the Amazon products in your content and that’s connecting the product with the intent of the audience. It’ll certainly boost your conversion rate in affiliate marketing.

For example, a laptop buyer
might be interested in purchasing a laptop cover or a bag rather than an iPhone
case. This understanding will help you develop your content as well as
marketing plan to succeed with the affiliate program of Amazon. 

4. Utilize Necessary Tools from Amazon

Amazon Associates program gives you a bunch of tools to play around and make the most of the situation. There are multiple tools across various options.

All these tools are going to help improve your affiliate marketing conversion if you know how to use them.

I won’t be highlighting each and every tool that is available at your disposal, but instead, I’d mention some of the essential ones that help most of the affiliate marketers out there.

Moreover, you won’t be requiring all of these tools simultaneously. Feel free to incorporate your favorite tools from Amazon into your marketing arsenal.

Some of the necessary tools from Amazon Associates program that you must use are mentioned below:

1. Product Linking

Product Linking is a section that provides you with the tools that help in the product placement on your website. There are multiple options to promote a product, for instance, you can use the product links.

The product link tool gives you a window to search for the favorite products and grab the links to promote online. So you could simply go to the product links page and search for the product, and click on the “Get Link” button to get the link.

Similarly, the banners section would allow you to get the banner ads for your website or blog so that you could simply copy and paste the code and display the banner ads on your site.

Whereas, native shopping ads feature does help in displaying contextual ads on your website or blog. All you need is to insert code and leave the rest on this tool. It displays native ads from Amazon based on your content.

Lastly, mobile popover
is a huge plus because the majority of internet users are surfing the internet
on their smartphones. So this options allows you to display mobile-friendly
popup display ads on the smartphones.

2. Tools

One of the important sections of the Amazon Associates program’s dashboard is the tools.

It contains some essential tools that help affiliate marketers in promoting and displaying the products properly.

For example, SiteStripe is a revolutionary affiliate tool for associate members. What it does is that it displays a toolkit on all the pages of Amazon site upon enabling from the settings.

The primary goal of this toolkit is that it makes every product page shareable along with your affiliate link. So it’s pretty much like a deep linking tool which does the job automatically rather than converting the links manually.

It definitely makes it easier for the affiliate marketers to share the product links on social media along with their affiliate links.

The next tool I’m very much interested in sharing with you all is Publisher Studio Management. It does something cool; it enables you to add product links directly to your written content while you’re writing or editing the content in your website’s content editor.

For example, if you use WordPress or Blogger or Typepad, you can simply start writing content and if you mention a product, a popup would appear and give you some product link recommendations to link to the product name. All you need to do is install the browser extension.

Another exciting tool is the Link Checker. It validates a product link to confirm whether or not this is your affiliate link.

So it makes sure that you’re promoting the correct affiliate link. It ensures that the sales you’re bringing in are being credited properly.

Lastly, the link builder plugin is one of the favorite tools from this Amazon Associates arsenal. All you need is to install this WordPress plugin on your blog or site, and it makes adding the affiliate links a whole lot easier.

Not only does it allow you to quickly add the product links, but it also helps you in finding the products from Amazon.

So after installing this WordPress plugin, you won’t need to leave your site and go to the Amazon Associates account for getting the links; it’d all happen right in your WordPress dashboard.

3. Content Insights

This section provides you detailed reporting on the content performance so that you could create a certain type of content for more conversion.

To get started with Content Insights, you need to insert OneTag code into your site to be able to allow Amazon Associates to record data from your blog visitors that are clicking through your content.

Note: This feature is valid in United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan and neighboring countries.

It’d allow you to see which articles are converting well for you.

The goal of this tool is to improve your content conversion by reporting back some insights to you.

Therefore, this tool could play a key role in making money from Amazon’s affiliate program.

Moreover, there are so many
tools that I didn’t mention here. I’m sure some of them would help as well. So
you better check out those tools while starting your Amazon affiliate marketing

5. Analyze the Conversion

The analysis is important when it comes to affiliate marketing. You can’t turn a blind eye to the situation when you’re running a blog. If things aren’t working out, you got to admit and test out new strategies.

A lot of people start blogging and quit because they think their blogs didn’t grow or they couldn’t make money from it. The reason they quit is that they didn’t persevere when the difficulty kicked in.

The reason I’m saying all
this is because it has a connection with the analysis that I’m talking about.
If your affiliate products aren’t converting, you got to make changes in your
strategy, let alone in your strategy. 

It means you can do the
following things:

1. Find New Products to Promote

So it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start from the zero, which means you don’t need to start a new blog or something. Instead, you can test out new products and promote them along the way.

You may end up finding the right keywords of products and content in the next phase. It only happens if you keep going. Quitters never make it to that point. So keep going forward and keep evolving. 

The next thing you’d have to do is alter your content strategy a little. You can’t go in the same direction as you were going before.

Meaning, if you’ve tested new products and promoting the new products so you can’t keep publishing the same old type of content anymore. You’d have to change your keywords, target audience, and content topics accordingly.

Moreover, you have to go through your blog statistics once in a while and see what’s working for you.

The more you understand your audience, the better your blog conversion becomes. Use website statistics tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console to understand your audience. 

Once you understand your
audience, it’d be easier for you to create content for them. For example, take
a look at your Google Analytics and see the top performing content in the last
30 days.

You’ll understand what’s working on your blog. You can go all in once you know the type of content that’s working on your blog.

As I’ve mentioned content alteration earlier, it could come into play as soon as you realize that you need to steer your blog into a little different direction.

The upside of conversion
analysis is that it would only help you optimize your blog and content to
convert the visitors into paying customers whether you’re selling your product
or promoting someone else’s. So don’t underestimate the power of thorough
analysis of your affiliate marketing campaign.

What’s the takeaway?

I’ve tried to establish that
Amazon Associates is a great platform for affiliate marketers of all types.
Whether you’re starting out or you have a dozen niche sites that are converting
fabulously — this program could be a great option to pick.

Having said that, you don’t have to focus on the 10 million affiliate programs at the same time, let alone on the same blog.

A lot of bloggers fail to make money off of affiliate marketing is because they join loads of affiliate programs at the same time and keep juggling entirely different products on the same blog.

If you want to join the
Amazon Associates program, make sure that you aren’t in alien territory when it
comes to affiliate marketing. Being unique is good, but if there is no audience
to reach out to, then there is no point of doing all that stuff.

You’ve already gone through
the commission rates of different product categories on Amazon; choose the
products wisely now.

Read the step#2 and step#3,
if you’re still confused about what to do with your Amazon Associates account.

It’s not necessary that
things would work out immediately, but if you stay persistent, it definitely

I’ve learned this lesson the
hard way; I’ve been preaching these affiliate marketing lessons for a while

So tell me one thing:
what’s your biggest takeaway from this blog post?

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The post Amazon Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money on Amazon in 2019 appeared first on Blogging Cage.

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It has been a busy week of getting things wrapped up here at Allshouse Designs. I completed work on a simple informative website for .  It has been over 20 years when Dr. Vaughn purchased the business, when the city of Bothell and the internet was a lot smaller then it is today.  Even if you have a well established business in your community, a digital presence is really non-negotiable in today’s day and age.  These are some of my favorite types of projects, I love seeing well established local business searchable online!  We also spent some great time with Jon prepping “The Race Car” and making the next video.   

First and for most, I want to thank all our new followers to our blog and a big thank you to everyone watching and commenting about our last video.  Your comments help us get to know what you guys are interested in, so we can give you what you want to see. Keep your comments and questions coming. The race car has been real enjoyable for me; as a previously certified mechanic, this whole process has been bringing back memories.  Enjoyment that I thought left me, shortly after my second baby was born.  Sometimes life gets busy with work and family, but a meaningful way to play with your friends is so important for balance.  With great pleasure, we are proud to announce. Episode 4 of the “The Race Car” has been posted to our YouTube channel, enjoy. We have really focused on the car, with an extended Q and A with Jon, and more car footage.

 Our good friends at Spunks have signed up to co-sponsor the car.  We will be giving out free seeds at the races, so check out to see when the mini stock division will be racing. Really, you must try these roasted pumpkin seeds.  Go check out their site and our video on their product.  Order up a tasty treat at . Thanks to Rolands! Local small business is the way to go.  Go local, support your community. We go further, when we go together.

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This content was originally published here.

So, you want to become a successful blogger.

That is the smartest decision you have ever made.

Blogging will change your entire life.

It changed mine.

I started my blogging journey at the beginning of 2011.

Prior to this new online journey, I was a miserable construction worker.

I hated life and was super depressed.

By the end of 2010, I’ve had it with everything in my life.

Can you imagine how it is to wake up Monday through Friday at 5:30 in the morning and then be stuck in traffic until about 8 or 9 just to begin a day full of heavy manual labor?

It fucking sucks.

I did that for a few years.

My life was not looking good at the age of 20.

I was miserable.

It’s not even funny – so stop laughing! 😀

I’m also a high school dropout.

I was not a big fan of school even though it was never hard for me.

But, I did get my GED (which is equivalent to a high school diploma).

It was actually super easy to pass that test.

And I’m not a genius!

I’m an average dude who has an awakened mind. That’s all.

The reason why I’m sharing a little bit of my life’s story here is that I want to inspire you to become a successful blogger online yourself.

It did take me years to make things happen.

But, that was because I had no clue at all about blogging and making money online.

When I started, I did not know what a domain name was or what blogging was.

I had no clue about anything.

I was making mistakes left and right.

I was completely blind to this new internet world I was interested in.

I had to educate myself from scratch.

I failed a lot but kept moving forward no matter what.

And I’ve made it.

If a former construction worker and high school dropout can build this internet marketing blog and build a responsive email list that allows him to make an income working from home – you can do it too and even better.

Oh and I forgot to mention – English was my second language for the majority of my childhood. I was born somewhere else and lived abroad until the age of 15.

Of course, once I moved to the states it became my first language but you get my point here.

And my point exactly is the fact that I’m not the most knowledgeable when it come to the English language.

So, if I can accomplish my blogging and internet marketing goals with the type of life I’ve had you can do it too and better!!

I started from the bottom and now I’m here.

Shoutout to my boy Drizzy Drake!

I speak my mind out.

I like to entertain while I teach something of value.

I believe this is the best way to make a great impact in your life.

This type of personality can have a memorable effect.

I want you to remember what I’m teaching you and inspire you to do better than me.

I have no problem giving you everything to succeed and pass me.

I believe in the abundance of our universe.

There is enough for everyone and I’m here to tell you that you can too become a successful blogger and live the dot-com lifestyle.

I love my life so much today.

I’m forever grateful for everything. The ups and the downs.

I’m grateful for all of my failures and mistakes.

I would not be here right now writing this to you with such positive energy if it wasn’t for everything happening in my past.

I love all of the wonderful people I’ve met thanks to blogging online.

And all of the beautiful souls that I have been able to help out and inspire to do better not just with blogging but with life in general.

I have a passion for helping others.

This is the secret to my blogging success.

You have to truly want to help the people who your blog is for.

And I don’t only help the people who my internet marketing blog targets but I also help the fellow bloggers who are building a similar blog to mine.

This is simple advice – yet so freaking powerful.

You have to blog from an energy of abundance.

Let go of your fears.

There is enough for everyone to get a piece of the pie.

You might be failing with your blogging efforts right now because you are too attached to the results.

Let them go.

Especially, if you are building a blog in the work-from-home niche.

You are probably caring more about getting results than actually helping others who are not only in your niche audience but also other bloggers building the same type of blog as yours.

You are shooting yourself in the head with this mentality.

You’re killing yourself and your success.

Start blogging from a place of love and sincere passion to help others – no matter who they are.

The money that you make is a by-product of your service to everyone including “your competition”.

Of course, you have to pay the bills and put food on the table.

We all do.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make a lot of money but it is about HOW you are trying to make it that matters the most.

If you haven’t been able to hit your income goals with your blog and with internet marketing is not really because you are doing many things wrong.

You probably are working hard and doing what you have been learning from the top bloggers but you are doing them from an energy of fear.

One great example of such way of blogging is a new friend I’ve made in this blogging world – Ryan Biddulph from – Here is a recommended blog post from this awesome blogger.

There are many amazing bloggers like Ryan who I have been blessed to meet and engage with – and learn so much from.

I admire the consistency and passion of such bloggers.

Just to name a few.

I could go on naming more awesome bloggers like these guys but I don’t want to make this blog post too long.

If you want to learn more about blogging success, the bloggers I just mentioned have the passion for helping you – so go check them out.

Let’s continue on.

You came here because you want to learn how to become a successful blogger in your niche, right!

My Secret Revealed

My secret is networking with other bloggers and truly helping the people who need help in my niche audience as much as possible.

As I was telling you earlier in this post one of the most important keys to successful blogging is to genuinely want to HELP OTHERS.

Your heart has to be in the right place when you blog.

I can’t address this enough.

I love helping bloggers who blog about many interesting topics every single day.

It’s my job and I love it.

One great place where I find bloggers from all over the world is Facebook Groups.

I like going into these blogging groups and help out as much as possible.

Just take a look at some of my interactions with new bloggers.

I take the time to actually review each of these new blogs and engage with the people.

I truly care.

I care a lot about the people who want to build a successful blog online in any niche and need guidance and help.

These are the same type of people who start to follow me online, subscribe to my internet marketing blog here and check out and buy what I recommend.

The more I help these new bloggers and even the bloggers building a similar blog to mine the more they help me.

We all help each other.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

This is the secret to successful blogging.

You have to build your network of like-minded bloggers and work together to help even more people in the niche.

You could be blogging about acne or fitness or crochet – if you don’t truly care about helping and all you care about is making money – you will fail.

That’s proven.

You have to truly care about people.

The people in your niche are the ones who will help you build your blog and get the results you are looking for.

It all starts with THEM.

You also have to team up with other similar bloggers who are building a blog like yours and push each other to become a better help to the niche.

The ones who really understand this simple concept are the ones who make it to the top.

I have not met a successful blogger who is not passionate about helping their audience and other bloggers as much as possible.

What should you do?

Make blogging FUN.

Choose a niche you are really passionate about so it will be easy to keep creating valuable content for your niche audience consistently.

I’m not telling you to not have goals to get the results you want to get with blogging and internet marketing.

As I’ve mentioned earlier – you have to pay the bills too.

What I’m telling you to do is to change your approach to blogging.

Team up with other bloggers who are also building a similar blog to yours and build a long lasting relationship with them.

Change your energy.

Blog with the passion and love to help – not with the fear of not having and doing enough to get what you want.

Give people what they want and you will get what you want. Help as much as possible no matter who it is. Trust me, this is the way to successful blogging.

The more you give the more you get.

Of course, you also have to be a smart blogger.

And you want to learn the right knowledge.

It is also important that you educate yourself and invest in your education in order to take the right actions and build your blog and income the right way.

You have to learn more about blog conversions, email marketing, social media marketing, branding, affiliate marketing, etc.

But, when you are implementing, publishing content, and growing your online reach, you have to do it with the right approach and from an energy of abundance and love.

That’s what I’m saying!

Over to you

Do you think you are blogging from an energy of love or fear? What are your thoughts on this? If you have any questions or got something to say please leave them in a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

If you know someone who could benefit from this information please share it with them. I’d really appreciate the help spreading the love here. Thank you so much!


This content was originally published here.

Your online (Internet) visibility is vital as an NGO or non-profit 501c(3) company. Not only does increased visibility drive your access to resources and funding by increasing your potential resource pool, visibility also makes it easier for you to work with the communities your organization was founded to benefit. No matter what your organization’s immediate motivation happens to be, a good grasp of basic SEO tactics and their application to non-profit companies’ operational models is an essential investment of your time and, if needed, your budget. Not only does it help you achieve greater visibility faster than other marketing methods generally do, it also tends to have a much lower cost for the reach.

If you know you need help with your Internet Marketing, but don’t the time, expertise or inclination, please consider giving Big Oak a chance to talk with you about how we can help. You can call me, Shell Harris, directly at 804-212-2981. I’m the co-founder of the company and I will be delighted to speak with you about the benefits of SEO and PPC for your non-profit company. No pressure, just questions and answers.

Understanding Marketing Costs and Benefits

When discussing marketing costs in terms that are appropriate for non-profit companies, return on investment is probably your most important metric. As a measurement, it is typically the estimated time it takes for a campaign to begin making money for the company. It’s no less important for non-profits to think in these terms when running campaigns aimed at donations, but when doing outreach and awareness, it is likely to be less valuable than your understanding of costs per thousand impressions and conversions. At Big Oak we track all these metrics so you know if your money is being used most effieciently.

The cost per thousand impressions, or CPM, tells you how the costs of each digital campaign stack up to each other and to your offline marketing efforts. When compared to the conversion rates that each method uses, it becomes easy to understand how many actual points of contact you make for the cost of each campaign, allowing you to make good strategic decisions about where to reinvest to get the best use of your resources. With this information, changes can be made each month, or week to adjust campaigns, both SEO and PPC to maximize results.

Traditionally, online marketing efforts have much lower CPM than offline marketing, sometimes exponentially lower. They also tend to have lower conversion rates, but in the final calculation they still cost less per contact than offline marketing efforts. When you add in the fact that non-profits can take advantage of exclusive programs like the Google grant for “free Adwords,” the costs become negligible. We will talk more about those resources later and how Big Oak can help you take advantage of those resources that are low-cost or free.

Types of Digital Marketing

No guideline of basic SEO tactics would be complete without noting that all of your digital marketing efforts should reinforce one another. That means a healthy boost to your traffic from a well-managed mailing list will help it rank higher, making your SEO more effective. Similarly, great SEO will drive people to your mailing list where you are likely to enjoy higher conversions on your campaigns because you are writing to a friendly audience. Don’t have a mailing list yet or need to build bigger list, Big Oak can help start your list or increase subscribers.

The first step toward understanding how to strike the right balance of marketing tactics for your non-profit is understanding what avenues of digital marketing you will want to explore, for example:

  • Search Engine Optimization is usually part and parcel of your company’s web design package these days, but this type of SEO is usually non-existent and poorly managed at best. You should be using a separate service if you want real results and a true SEO consultant watching your campaign. This involves three basic strategies, keyword optimization of your content, adding relevant content on a monthly basis, and the creation of links to your site from other relevant websites.
  • Content Marketing is useful both for social media growth and for SEO, because it creates more keyword-optimized content for your site, usually through blogging. It also helps create links back to your site through the creation of content for other venues that credit your organization by way of a link. This strategy requires new content with topics that are strategically selected and both lengthy (think over 1,500 words) and in-depth.
  • Pay Per Click (AdWords) Advertising can be done through search engines or on social media. Useful advice for PPC tends to emphasize the need to balance your investment in search engine PPC and social media PPC based on which is currently getting you the best return. Big Oak recommends Google, especially for non-profit companies that can take advantage of the Google Grant program (see further down). Facebook advertising should be used with caution and daily monitoring. Targeting marketing is available on Facebook so you can push your message to very niche groups.
  • Social Media Marketing involves building a platform that consists of various social media accounts on different services and building up your following. This is a strategy that needs to be entered into lightly and then tracked for effectiveness. Social media sites such as Facebook are very difficult to see dividends from without the use of effective paid advertisements. This means you need to track costs closely.
  • Email Lists are the last step in most digital marketing campaigns because they have a great return on investment, but they need to be supported by a marketing campaign that makes them highly visible. Bringing more visitors to your site is key to building an email list and the bullet points above should always be increasing your email list and your potential reach.

PPC (paid search) or AdWords converts high, but you shouldn’t overlook over traffic sources. A good “portfolio” of marketing tactics is usually best.

Most companies, whether they are non-profit or for-profit, begin with a focus on content, SEO, and social media with support from PPC advertising as backup for building awareness. That’s because PPC is the key to generating your initial traffic, whether it is for likes on social media or click-through traffic in a search engine. Luckily for your 501c(3) organization, Google has created a program that provides non-profit companies with a tremendous opportunity: a grant program for up to $10,000 per month in AdWords credit for PPC advertising.

Understanding the Google Grant Program

Silicon Valley tech companies love to position themselves as agents of social change, and Google is no exception. What makes their program exceptional, though, is the way it positions Google’s core company resources as part of the support program for charities and nonprofits. The Google grant for “free AdWords” allows the Google to open access to its powerful advertising program to the charities that need it most, providing up to $10,000 per month to support online PPC campaigns that raise their visibility and help connect people to their resources.

Example of how a Google Grant advertisement displays.

To apply for this grant, an organization must first qualify as a non-profit, something that begins by checking the company’s guidelines. If your organization doesn’t currently fit the guidelines, there may be steps you can take to change that. For example, many NGOs start out through private donations and then file for full 501c(3) status when their activities hit a “critical mass” and the organization needs to achieve official recognition to keep growing. If that is the case, investing in finishing the paperwork for your organization means gaining the ability to access grants and resources beyond just the Google grant, so it’s a good idea to expedite it.

Google also requires companies to log in and manage their accounts regularly (this is where working with an Internet marketing company such as Big Oak Studios is critical), with at least a once-monthly login and a change to your campaign once every 90 days. There are other core qualifications that have to do with the use of the resources provided, and before applying for a grant to start your campaign, it is vital that your organization fully understand the program. Big Oak will make sure you do everything correctly to be awarded access to the Google Grant program, for a minimal one-time fee.

DIY vs. Outsourced Digital Marketing

Most companies and organizations use some DIY tactics to kickstart their digital marketing, and many continue to apply those tactics to some aspects of their digital campaign as they move forward. There’s a lot to recommend the personal touch, but there is one major shortcoming to most do it yourself approaches. That shortcoming is data analysis and campaign modifications that an Internet Marketing company can provide.

As your online marketing efforts get more complex, analyzing the trends in your campaign’s successes and shortcomings becomes more and more important as well as making changes to capitalize on the trends or stop campaigns that are eating into your budget. Once you achieve a high degree of success and your investment in digital marketing grows to encompass the full list of strategies outlined above, it will become important to have that guidance and feedback, and winning a Google AdWords grant means accessing the kinds of resources that will bring your online marketing to the level where you need the analytics. Remember, the Google Grant will require monthly maintenace or you will lose it. Big Oak can manage this monthly work for a very reasonable fee.

Helpful Google Advice for Non-Profits

If you are going to get the most out of your non-profit company’s access to PPC campaign funding through the Google Grant program, you need to go in with a strategy for your entire digital marketing effort that puts PPC in a prominent position and supports it with an investment in the additional digital channels that deliver the content and resources your audience needs. That means investing in writing content that provides useful information to your audience base while also helping your SEO. If you work with a company that understands both Google and non-profits, you can get end-to-end help with your online marketing that makes your expenditures and your grant dollars both go further. Here is a brief list of benefits that the right digital marketing support can bring to you.

  • SEO services that keep your content fresh and accessible to your core audience, guaranteeing that your PPC campaigns deliver people to the relevant destinations on your site and that the information there is always up to date
  • Analytics that help you understand how your various digital and offline marketing strategies are benefiting from your PPC campaigns
  • Social media support to help ensure your social reach benefits from the additional resources available to you through the Google grant for AdWords
  • Goal-specific reports about various campaigns that allow you to see the differences in outcomes for information campaigns, donation drives, and other organizational goals
  • Assistance with grant applications and other support services that help connect you to the resources nonprofits need
  • Useful advice for PPC campaigns that build on your other marketing efforts, making sure your total marketing strategy gives you the return on investment you need to succeed as an organization
  • Keyword research to identify your strongest performing keyword campaigns for PPC advertising as well as possible new keywords as search trends change

If you are going to make the investment in qualifying for the Google AdWords grant for non-profits, you need to know that your investment is going to bring you the best possible return. Put simply, that’s what teaming up with a marketing firm for your SEO gives you. It gives you the resources to get the best possible return on your investment. You can take charge of your company’s digital profile with basic SEO tactics up to a point, but when you are talking about budgets of up to $10,000 per month in grants plus your other organizational commitments to online outreach, you’re talking about a lot of data to manage. Let your organization benefit from expert guidance.

Post-SEO: Using the Google Adwords Grant Synergistically

To get the most out of your digital marketing, you need to make sure it is informed by your print and offline marketing and connected to it. That’s where working with an Internet marketing firm that specializes in your kind of organization pays off. Not only do they take care of the intricacies of tracking and optimizing your digital marketing, they can give you advice about how to connect your various methods of marketing to make them all more effective. More importantly, they can also work to keep your web design fresh and approachable, so new visitors from offline channels have an easier time getting around. Big Oak provides design services and can help with press releases and email outreach.

In the end, your SEO strategy should be an evolving approach to your visibility, and it should work with all your other methods of advertising and outreach to support your non-profit in every way. That means being able to pivot between different donation drives and providing information. It also means collecting non-monetary support, like petition signatures, as needed to achieve your goals.

If you want to achieve that level of sophistication in your use of AdWords and other PPC platforms, you need to work with the people who understand those systems, the same way you hire top video companies and ad firms to take care of television and print advertising. Then, you need to align all of your various teams’ efforts together to get the best results, doing to your overall marketing plan what your digital marketing partner has already done on a smaller scale for your digital strategy.

Why You Should Hire Big Oak to Support Your Google Grant Initiative

Big Oak can submit and manage your Google Ad Grant. It helps charities target potential interested parties with target and strategic Google Ads, a Google+ page, if your organization doesn’t have one already. Big Oak will also reivew your website to insure it will convert your visitors at the highest rate possible, whether that is for donations, volunteers or awareness.

Benefits of using our services includes:

  • Create ads for online awareness to be used with Google Grant
  • Monthly review of all metrics; modifications as needed to increase campaign effectiveness
  • Attract more visitors to your website
  • Outreach enhance through mobile and desktop advertisements


For many companies, digital marketing is the best way to kickstart advertising from the moment they start up. Whether you are operating a charitable organization or a not-for-profit enterprise, this holds true, and it’s largely because there are so many cost-saving ways to bring DIY efforts to digital marketing. When your organization matures enough to qualify for major resource grants like the Google grant for Adwords, though, it is time to move past basic SEO tactics, embracing the kind of aggressive and rigorous approach you can only take when you have expert advice steering your campaigns.

Moving past DIY efforts is about more than just scale, though. It is also about identifying the best ways for you to move forward, using the data from past campaigns to make the adjustments you need to follow trends and get better results in the future. There’s no simple replacement for that in the DIY toolkit, and investing in the kind of expert help you would need to perform these analytical measurements in-house is often cost-prohibitive. That’s why your organization needs to work with a firm that understands digital marketing for nonprofits if you are going to get the most out of your marketing dollars—no matter where those funds come from. Give us a call  and see if we may be a good fit for your non-profit company – 804-741-6776.

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Affiliate Marketing là gì? Affiliate marketing hay còn gọi là Tiếp thị liên kết là hình thức quảng bá sản phẩm hoặc dịch vụ của Nhà cung cấp là các công ty có sản phẩm, dịch vụ muốn thông qua các trang mạng của các đối tác quảng bá hàng hóa, dịch vụ đến người dùng cuối cùng. Các Đối tác kiếm tiền online nhận được khoản hoa hồng khi người dùng ghé thăm trang mạng của Đối tác quản lý và thực hiện những hành động mà nhà cung cấp mong muốn từ người dùng cuối cùng như: Mua hàng, đăng ký sử dụng dịch vụ, điền thông tin,…

 Phương thức tính phí CPA trong affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing (Tiếp thị liên kết) là một loại hình Marketing dựa trên mô hình tính phí quảng cáo CPA (Cost per Action). CPA là mô hình tính phí quảng cáo tối ưu nhất hiện nay khi dựa trên hành vi của người dùng Nhà cung cấp chỉ phải trả phí khi khách hàng thực hiện một hành động cụ thể như Mua hàng, Đăng ký dịch vụ, Điền thông tin … Hình thức CPA ưu việt hơn các hình thức tính phí quảng cáo truyền thống như tính phí theo lượt click CPC (Cost per Click) hay theo lượt hiển thị CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression) như đăng banner quảng cáo báo, tạp chí vì sự giảm thiểu rủi ro cho đơn vị mua quảng cáo phải trả tiền cho nguồn truy cập website nhưng không phát sinh doanh thu do lượng click ảo, truy cập ảo.

ACCESSTRADE là nền tảng Affiliate Marketing quy mô nhất Việt Nam
ACCESSTRADE là nền tảng Affiliate Marketing quy mô nhất Việt Nam

Tại sao bạn nên tham gia Affiliate Marketing?

Bạn không cần sở hữu sản phẩm, dịch vụ

Bạn không phải lo về vấn đề vận chuyển hay chăm sóc khách hàng

Bạn có thể tham gia tạo thu nhập với chi phí thấp ban đầu

Bạn có thể rèn luyện kĩ năng marketing qua hoạt động quảng bá sản phẩm, dịch vụ

Bạn được hưởng mức hoa hồng hấp dẫn và luôn được thanh toán đúng hẹn

Các thành phần tham gia Affiliate Marketing?

Nhà cung cấp (Advertiser) – Đơn vị, doanh nghiệp cung cấp sản phẩm, dịch vụ, với mong muốn tối ưu và gia tăng hiệu quả kinh doanh trực tuyến.

Ví dụ trọng hệ thống ACCESSTRADE Việt Nam, các Advertisers là các nhà cung cấp có thương hiệu lớn trên thị trường như: Lazada, Tiki, FPT Shop, Shopee, Citibank,…

Đối tác (Publisher) – Đơn vị, cá nhân sở hữu website, blog hay các trang mạng xã hội có thể tạo thu nhập không giới hạn khi tham gia phân phối các chiến dịch quảng cáo của nhà cung cấp

Người dùng cuối cùng (User) – Người dùng sản phẩm, dịch vụ trực tuyến của nhà cung cấp thông qua hình ảnh, nội dung đăng tải trên website, blog hay 1 số kênh Digital Marketing khác của Đối tác.

Mạng Affiliate Marketing ( Market place hoặc Affiliate Network) – Là nơi trung gian, kết nối giữa các đối tác (Publisher) và nhà cung cấp (Advertiser). Affiliate Network đóng vai trò cung cấp nền tảng kỹ thuật như link quảng cáo, banner, theo dõi và đánh giá hiệu quả của việc quảng bá, giải quyết tranh chấp, thu tiền và thanh toán hoa hồng cho các bên tham gia. Xem thêm Các thuật ngữ trong Affiliate Marketing mà bạn cần biết

Sự phát triển của Affiliate Marketing trên thế giới và tại Việt Nam.

Trên thế giới đã xuất hiện khái niệm Affiliate Marketing từ khá lâu (những năm 1990) và phát triển lĩnh vực này khá mạnh ở 1 số nước như Mỹ với các chương trình Tiếp thị liên kết của Amazon, Click Bank hay nền tảng Tiếp thị liên kết CJ. Tuy nhiên, ở Việt Nam thị trường này đang nóng dần với sự phát triển của chương trình Tiếp thị liên kết của Lazada và Nền tảng tiếp thị liên kết ACCESSTRADE của công ty Interspace Việt Nam. Xem thêm về Lịch sử hình thành và phát triển của Affiliate Marketing tại Việt Nam

Lịch sử Affiliate Marketing
Lịch sử hình thành và phát triển Affiliate Marketing

ACCESSTRADE Việt Nam là nền tảng Tiếp thị liên kết hàng đầu Nhật Bản và khu vực Đông Nam Á, phát triển từ năm 2001 bởi công ty Interspace Nhật Bản và chính thức ra mắt thị trườngViệt Nam từ tháng 5 năm 2015. Đây là nền tảng Tiếp thị liên kết đầu tiên tại Việt Nam, cung cấp đa dạng chiến dịch quảng cáo từ các lĩnh vực khác nhau như: Thương mại điện tử, Du lịch, Giáo dục, Nhân sự, Ngân hàng, Game …

Với những đối tác mới bắt đầu tham gia lĩnh vực này có thể đăng ký những chiến dịch về CPL (Cost per Lead) như chiến dịch Doctor Đồng, OCB. Với những đối tác đã có kinh nghiệm tốt hơn có thể thử sức với những chiến dịch về CPS (Cost per Sale) như chiến dịch về thương mại điện tử với Shopee, Tiki, Adayroi, Lotte, Yes24, Shop VNExpress hay về du lịch như Bến Thành Tourist, Tugo, Vntrip, Viettravel … hoặc tham gia các chiến dịch khó hơn với mức hoa hồng hấp dẫn trong lĩnh vực Tài chính – Ngân hàng như chiến dịch làm thẻ của Shinhan Bank, Citibank (với mức hoa hồng 300.000đ/thẻ credit card thành công).

Các đối tác quảng cáo của ACCESSTRADE
Các đối tác quảng cáo của ACCESSTRADE

Nếu bạn là người sở hữu website, blog và yêu thích công việc kiếm tiền Online, hãy thử sức và trải nghiệm tham gia trở thành đối tác của ACCESSTRADE Việt Nam ngay hôm nay để gia tăng thu nhập không giới hạn. Đã có những đối tác nhận được hoa hồng từ vài triệu đồng đến hàng trăm triệu trong một tháng khi tham gia phân phối các chiến dịch quảng cáo trong hệ thống ACCESSTRADE. Còn bạn thì sao? 


 Tham gia phân phối các chiến dịch trong hệ thống để nhận các chuyển đổi
Để phân phối các chiến dịch trên hệ thống, các bạn cần chuẩn bị blog, website hoặc cộng đồng mạng xã hội có nội dung cũng như định hướng trước đối tượng mục tiêu phù hợp với sản phẩm, dịch vụ bạn tiếp thị liên kết. Các bạn tìm hiểu thêm về cách đăng kí chiến dịch cũng như nhận mã qua hệ thống ACCESSTRADE Việt Nam

Tập trung quảng bá để có nhiều chuyển đối nhất và gia tăng thu nhập ngay
Tham gia hệ thống affiliate marketing ACCESSTRADE Việt Nam bản thân bạn chính là một Online Marketer, bạn có nhiệm vụ truyền thông quảng bá sản phẩm, dịch vụ online của nhà cung cấp và khi người dùng qua link Affiliate của bạn thực hiện hành động nhà cung cấp mong muốn, bạn sẽ có chuyển đổi và nhận được hoa hồng.

ACCESSTRADE Việt Nam gợi ý cho bạn những công cụ Marketing Online bạn nên tận dụng để kiếm tiền online hiệu quả với hệ thống bao gồm: S.E.O, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Google Adwords,…Chúc bạn thành công!

Bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều hướng dẫn chi tiết hơn về cách chạy, thủ thuật, công cụ Affiliate Marketing hiệu quả trên ACCESSTRADE.

Affiliate Marketing (tiếp thị liên kết) là gì?

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This content was originally published here.

Making money online is a lot like learning to cook.  I was craving Korean BBQ, but the restaurant I loved was closed. Instead of just sitting there wanting the delicious Bibimbap rice bowl they make; I went online and found a recipe that seemed doable.

I eventually learned how to make almost the exact recipe as the restaurant (after failing miserably a few times), and once I built my confidence about cooking up, I also learned to make a Korean BBQ shortrib, lemon, shrimp and parmesan risotto; and incredible flavors of cookies and buttercream frostings.

When you realize you can do something, and then get your first results, you will begin to build confidence and can learn new things. The you can apply it to learn more while scaling your abilities. You just need to get over the “want mode” and go into “do mode”.  Making money online is the same.

If you want to do it, you have to quit wishing and hoping for it and actually do something about it.  This means hard work, lots of learning, experimenting and being prepared to get food poisoning (I know first hand) and having some really bad meals until you perfect your art.  Once you’re ready to commit to this, that’s when you are ready to start making money online.

This post will take you through ten actual ways to start creating revenue (not just blank statements like “use affiliate links” or “create an AdSense account”).  It is meant to provide you with the building blocks and tools to get started, but it’s up to you to do the work.  I’ll also include shots of some of the food I’ve made that I never thought could be possible, until I tried.

The starting point for making money is having somewhere to bring your audience to.  Ideally you’ll buy a domain name that is brandable, repeatable and has a good history (no spammy links pointing in from a churn and burn affiliate or past thin content site).  If you’re serious about making money, you’ll avoid the freebie subdomains and websites and go with something where you own the URL and the content on it.

To check the history, use and tools like MajesticSEO or SEMRush to look and see if the domain has been penalized or what existed on it if it had a previous owner.

Second you need to capture this audience so you can remarket to them.  Email service providers (ESP) like Aweber, MailChimp or even a free tool are great so that you can gather and collect information and use it to re-market back to your fans.

A few ways to do this include uploading the lists to Google, Facebook and other networks.  You can cross promote with other sites/brands and also open more monetization options which we’ll get into in the post.

Now that you have a destination and a way to capture as well as re-market to your fans and visitors, it’s time to monetize this traffic and make some money.

Affiliate links are awesome tools to help you earn a passive income stream.  The trick with being successful at affiliate marketing is to pre-sell the product or service you’re promoting.

By incorporating affiliate links naturally into your content (and using FTC compliant disclosures)  they provide a solution to a problem (supplies to make a craft, the right replacement part for XY machine, the right software to do ABC, etc…) you’re able to have them as something the reader needs to use in order to complete the solution for themselves.

This preselling can result in more click throughs as well as revenue since many affiliate programs only pay on a sales conversion. If you’re posts are long, you may want to provide a roundup or reminder of where to buy the tools and supplies at the bottom of the page with your links again
You also need to avoid making common mistakes.

Placing banners in a sidebar of a blog, the header or outside of the content of a post rarely works since there is no reason to click and no reinforcement to buy.  You also need to know where and how people are engaging with your links and ads.  That is where heatmaps that offer click maps come in handy.  I use MouseFlow for this with my sites. An important thing to remember is that you’re probably not only limited to using links on your website.

If the program allows it, use them (with disclosures) on YouTube, social media sites and in your newsletters.  By incorporating them into your video and social content, as your content optimizes and builds traffic, the links can now gain exposure and help to drive passive income.  If you already have an active following, then you may be able to get some instant gratification to help keep you motivated.

Here is a quick checklist to finding a good affiliate program before you join a million and make some rookie errors:

2. AdSense

If you have ad space that is getting clicks (you can measure this by using network stats as well as URL shorteners like and Pretty Link Pro), but no sales through affiliate links during certain hours or days, you may want to try using Google AdSense or another cost per click (CPC) solution during these times.

Start by pulling transaction detail reports from the affiliate networks you’re on.  Now place them in a spreadsheet and look at the days and times where sales close.  You may find that you don’t convert on certain days or at specific hours. Instead of giving traffic to a merchant that doesn’t convert into revenue, see if you can replace those ads with plugins like AdRotate or AdSanity that will show AdSense instead of affiliate links so you can continue to make money. (Side note: I have not used these for a long time but other friends have and like them a lot).

One Quick Warning…

One quick warning about AdSense is that you cannot control what will show up like you can with affiliate links.  You can block certain sites from showing up on yours, but you cannot prevent everything you do not want.

For example, if there’s a presidential candidate you dislike, there’s nothing stopping them or one of their PACs from running ads that says I support XY candidate and having those ads show up on your site.  Now you and your website are aligned with that candidate and you aren’t there to defend yourself to your visitor whose opinion could be changed.   The same goes with brands.

If you’re an LGBT blog, there’s nothing stopping an anti-gay company’s ads from showing.  If you run something for a specific race or gender, you could end up with offensive ads.  Do a Google search for funny adsense ads showing up on sites.  My favorite is the Aflac Duck showing up.  You always run the risk of ads you wouldn’t want showing up when you allow ad display networks on your site.

AdSense is a great way to monetize generic content without having to find individual affiliate links, grab product images and worry about changing out links if a program closes.  However, you have to have engagement to be able to make money with AdSense and with affiliate links.  Without engagement, you won’t make anything which is where CPM ads come into play.

3. CPM Ad Space

If you have traffic (not bots and spiders), but for some reason nobody is engaging with your ads, you can always sell ad space.  This can be done through networks like BuySellAds on an impression, weekly or monthly spot.  If you have enough traffic, you can use larger ad networks.

Depending on the quality of your traffic, you’ll be able to negotiate higher CPMs as well as custom deals if you can increase exposure or give a specific merchant priority placements. You can also try the Amazon CPM network. I haven’t used this yet myself, but did launch my first ad space with them today on a smaller blog I manage. You can access this through their affiliate portal.
A basic way to think about your CPM space is:

Knowing what to start charging and which space will give you solid price points.  If you do make money via CPC and affiliate, make sure to include an ROAS estimate that you can backup with sales data or conversion data.  This will help you attract more advertisers since most sites are too lazy or don’t know how to collect this.

4. E-books

E-books are great for multiple reasons. You can show off your knowledge on a subject, get the person’s email so you can market back to them and also make monetize them.  The trick is to think about why the person wants your ebook and how you can make it even better by creating follow up versions or a community of peers where they can come together and support other topic related needs.

If you mention products or services, include affiliate links to where they can buy the products instead of just saying what it’s called or where the person can buy it.  Reference your own website when you have resources so that you can bring someone who bought your e-book on Amazon or another site to find you.  You can also use it as a cross promotional tool by referencing other authors who you like and trust and ask them to reference you as well.

If you have a topic that gets updated regularly or has new versions or options, create a community from your ebook customers and bring them back when you have updates.  This keeps you as an authority in their mind and you can continue to monetize the work you did with each future edition based on the original e-book.

5. Newsletter Space

Newsletters are ATM machines for many marketers, bloggers and social media influencers.  You can incorporate sign up pages onto Facebook FanPages as a tab, use lightboxes from ESPs or services like OptinMonster (I love this one and am a customer) and you can test multiple placements for optimizing how to get subscribers.  What’s even better is if you have real people subscribing (not contest entrants who only want free junk), you also have loyal people who like your opinions or want to know more about your niche.

You can incentivize them to sign up with a free e-book, by giving custom tips or access to content not publicly available. Other times letting them know you’ll alert them once you have new content or something to say is enough.  Now you can get to monetizing your list.

The trick is to remember that it isn’t only the actual email itself that you can monetize, it’s the entire process.  You can use affiliate links, sell space on a cost per hundred/thousand subscribers and even use adsense.

Here are a few places to monetize your newsletters: (aff = affiliate link, ads = adsense, cpm = cost per subscriber/thousand)

6. In AutoResponders (Social Media and Emails)

I already mentioned the types of ads you can use in autoresponders, but think about where else you have these.  You can set up a thank you for following DMs on twitter.  This lets you engage with the new follower.

You can recommend they get your e-book, visit your site or join your newsletter so they don’t miss your newest content.  You can ask why they followed you, what they want you to write about and really get a better understanding of who they are.  The trick here is to open access for them to respond by including your email or a link to a contact page.

If you’re not following them back, they cannot DM you back so they need a way to be able to reach you.  This is one way you can start to get their email address and also get them into one of your monetization flows.

7. Buying a Domain That has a Boost

Sometimes it can be daunting to start from scratch.  You don’t need to spend thousands to get an established domain, you just have to do your homework.  Start by searching for “Best XY niche sites/blogs” in “XY year” and find some lists from sites with authoritative links.  By incorporating a year into the query, you can find a domain with age.  This could be the Huffington post, Forbes, etc…

You can also use a crawling tool to dig through large and authoritative niche sites looking for broken external links.

Click through the lists and broken links to find the domains they’re linking to and now create a list of your top choices from the abandoned ones. Do your due diligence on them and if one turns out to be good, you have a head start with the age of the domain and a few solid backlinks from high authority sites.

You might need to disavow some bad ones, recreate URLs for the pages where the backlinks point to and also build a brand off of it, but this can also sometimes give you a head start to building traffic and an audience.  You’ll be amazed at how many sites are high quality but got abandoned because of nexus laws, the person retired or simply got tired of maintaining it because they didn’t have a good CMS.  I come across them all of the time when running reactivation campaigns for the affiliate programs I manage.

8. Photography (Hobbies)

Photography is an awesome way to turn your hobbies into revenue. The trick is learning how to shoot something the way you see it. Think about why you’re shooting what you are looking at (sports/action, landscapes, portraits, etc…) and then try to picture why you love this.

If you do street shots because you see the world differently than most, capture that with your camera.  If it’s food, what makes the food shot worthy for you to spend time with a camera instead of eating and then bring the camera to different angles so everyone can see why you want to shoot it instead of eating it.

I don’t actually have a camera, so I use my iPhone. I also don’t have any photo editing software so I use Instagram. I didn’t think I was a good photographer (I still don’t), but chefs have invited me to their restaurants and used my shots on their social media channels. It helped me realize that you can still get good shots without a professional camera.

If you have a reason you are shooting something, find the angle that lets you share this moment the way that you see it and that’s how you create a photo that can be sold, monetized and bring you an audience. Here’s a few ways to do this.

There are tons of ways to make money with photography. The best part is you’re making money by doing things that you love.  The trick is finding a way to display why you love the thing you’re shooting visually.

9. Sponsorships

Sponsorships are another great way to get temporary boosts of revenue.  The trick in getting repeat sponsorships and being able to charge more is by collecting data.  Saying you give branding is a lame excuse that will not work much longer.  You also cannot claim and back up that you have a huge reach on social media if you have no engagement.

Brands and sponsors are getting smarter so you need to have the data to backup why they should work with you.

Try adding the following into your media kit:

Having real and measurable stats helps you stand out against people who just say they have XY,000 followers.  By breaking it down by niche you can show additional value to advertisers and give more accurate or custom pricing.

If you know you get more engagement on blue widgets than red, you can charge more for blue and less for red because of the value of your audience to the sponsor.  Instead of a flat $5, you can do $3 for red and $8 for blue because you have data to prove why your audience is a better match for the advertiser.

10.  Test Everything!

The real trick to making money online is to test, test and test some more.  Sitting back and reading a million how to make money online sites will leave you going to bed with no real work being done.  You’ll have a ton of ideas, but no time or actual implementation.

Here are a few tips to break this bad habit:

With a ton of hard work, long hours and lots of studying/learning, you can make money online.  You’ll need a bit of luck (especially if you don’t have a budget), but there are no barriers to entry except the ones you convince yourself exist.

And to help you motivate to get started, here’s some pie. Something I was really scared to try and make my first time.

This content was originally published here.

In the week that Apple releases the latest quarterly numbers and inches over the line to become the first trillion dollar company, there is a lot of love from the geekerati towards Apple’s success. But there’s also a reminder that Apple isn’t in the game to make everyone happy, to start a utopian movement, or help evolve the human race towards a higher level of being.

Apple is in it for the money.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about iWatch during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) at the San Jose Convention Centerin San Jose, California (Photo by Josh Edelson / AFP)

It may be useful to focus on one small area of Apple’s hegemony over its ecosystem – the recent decision to remove apps and in-app purchases from the Apple Store’s Affiliate Marketing Scheme. This offered publishers a small percentage of the retail price of an app or a ‘consumable’ when they referred the buyer to Apple’s store.

Last year Apple cut the app and in-app percentage from 7 percent to 2.5 percent (effectively a 65 percent cut in income). Now it has cut apps and in-app purchases from the program completely. Nick Statt reports:

Today, Apple announced that it plans to remove apps and in-app purchases from its iTunes Affiliate Program by October 1st. The company cites its own editorial teams and discovery features as strong enough alternatives to third-party websites and news operations that have historically made money in part by referring their readers to the App Store.

Affiliate schemes are typically used by websites to help finance editorial costs. With the huge interest in Apple, the iPhone, and the app economy, a number of sites have built up an impressive following and used revenue streams from affiliate marketing to finance the sites. One of these is TouchArcade, and its Editor-in-chief pulls no punches in a post titled “Apple Kills the App Store Affiliate Program, and I Have No Idea What We Are Going to Do.”

I genuinely have no idea what TouchArcade is going to do. Through thick and thin, and every curveball the industry threw at us, we always had App Store affiliate revenue- Which makes a lot of sense as we drive a ton of purchases for Apple. I don’t know how the takeaway from this move can be seen as anything other than Apple extending a massive middle finger to sites like TouchArcade, AppShopper, and many others who have spent the last decade evangelizing the App Store and iOS gaming- Particularly on the same day they announced record breaking earnings of $53.3 billion and a net quarterly profit of $11.5 billion.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and actor, model, and activist for the deaf community Nyle DiMarco speak to students at the California School for the Deaf on May 17, 2018 in Fremont, California (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Unlike Google, Apple is very much a closed shop when it comes to mobile. Only the iPhone and iPad families will run iOS, the only way to cleanly install additional applications is to go through the Apple Store (and that means you need to have a registered account with Apple), there is no market pressure beyond Apple’s own decisions over control and access to apply any competitive pressure… think of it like a digital Hotel California. Once you’re inside Apple’s system, you can never leave.

As noted previously on Forbes, Apple’s inability to significantly increase sales of the iPhone on a year-on-year basis is balanced out by the increasing revenue brought in by services… services such as the Apple Store and the sale of apps and in-app purchases.

Not every sale made in the store will have an affiliate fee attached, but by removing the affiliate fee Apple will hold on to more money.

With fewer third-party sites such as TouchArcade there will be less sources of information on new applications and an increasing reliance by regular users on the Apple Store recommendation list. Apple will gain more influence on which apps succeed and which apps fail.

And with lower traffic to third-party sites, developers will have little choice but to pay for advertising and marketing in the one viable location… buying adds directly from Apple to try to get a placement in the search results in the Apple Store.

Apple squeezes developers for more money through advertising, Apple decreases the influence of third-arty sites outwit its control, and Apple retains more money through sales

Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi speaks during the 2018 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

This is one small area of Apple’s operation, but it acts as a reminder that Apple is a business. There may be an ecosystem that arises out of its operations, there may be a loyal band of merry followers, but the end game is to make as much money as possible – a game that Apple is supremely good at.

I suspect that Apple has decided that it is better if it takes control of this part of the ecosystem and brings it under the control of Cupertino, rather than the free market set up by third-party publishers.

Apple will do what is best for Apple, not what is best for its supporters, its standard-bearers, or the wider smartphone ecosystem. Apple is not your friend. Apple is a business.

Apple did not reply to a request for comment on the changes to the affiliate scheme, if it had researched the impact on third-party websites, or the percentage of sales covered by the affiliate scheme.

This content was originally published here.