New Sub Affiliate Commission Tool Released – AvantLink : Affiliate Marketing

New Sub Affiliate Commission Tool Released - AvantLink : Affiliate Marketing

AvantLink released a new feature we are simply calling the Sub Affiliate Commission tool. This feature will allow merchant advertisers to have the flexibility to offer customized commission rates to sub-affiliate partners.   Utilizing the new tool, merchant advertisers may either increase or decrease commission rates to individual sub-affiliates while maintaining the base commission rate assigned to the Sub Affiliate Network. Sub Affiliate Networks provide merchant advertisers the opportunity to partner with a multitude of affiliates with diverse marketing tactics that can scale quickly and are typically cost-effective. Because Sub Affiliate Networks maintain a large group of partners, including top content and media publications, they can drive significant traffic and revenue. To optimize exposure and strategize commission rates, merchant advertisers can utilize this support article, Performance Summary by Sub Affiliate Partners. For additional insight and best practices, refer to Sub Affiliate Networks Explained. This feature is currently exclusive to the sub affiliate, Skimlinks, but additional partners may be added in the future.

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