Look Steal Inc: New Affiliate Marketing Startup Company Launches

Look Steal Inc: New Affiliate Marketing Startup Company Launches

We have exciting news to share! Tim Fujio, the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Setting Mind Media, has just launched a new startup company called Look Steal Inc. This Toronto-based startup’s mission is to empower both everyday individuals and micro-influencers to monetize their user-generated content within the fashion niche on social media. Having worked as an accomplished affiliate marketer for global brands while leading Setting Mind, Fujio recognized the business flaws and biases entrenched within the industry. He observed how established affiliate marketing platforms often imposed rigid criteria, curbing opportunities for aspiring influencers and content creators. The arbitrary requirements, such as follower count, served as an exclusionary barrier, hindering many from collaborating with brands and stifling the industry’s potential for diversity and revenue. Look Steal was founded to democratize affiliate marketing by building a platform where creators, regardless of follower counts or engagement metrics, could seamlessly partner with fashion brands. “I’m confident that this new startup will flourish and be an attractive platform,” says Fujio. “With our unique business approach, branding, innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, Look Steal will build a platform unlike any other.”

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