Arches Email Update – AvantLink : Affiliate Marketing

Arches Email Update - AvantLink : Affiliate Marketing

The Arches Email System is now live! This update allows Merchants more flexibility in email communications. A significant change with this update is that it moves the email subscription options from the account level to individual user levels. This provides the opportunity for more individual team members to receive pertinent information. We have also updated the interface for creating, drafting, and managing the email history. Merchants can designate emails to all active affiliates, specific tag groups, classifications of affiliates, or individual affiliates. As merchants create emails, they can add banner and text ads and schedule them for later dates. Users will receive emails for their account after the deployment. If users want to opt out of emails, they can change their subscription in the platform. The old system has been deprecated, and the new email system is on the AvantLink Arches platform. The previous email history is no longer available, and a new one will be created starting today. In addition, AvantLink has deprecated the Classic Report “Affiliate Email Summary.” Much of that information is still available after the update on the historical email table on the Email Partners page. If you have any questions, please contact the AvantLink Support Team at

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